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Why you need an office refurbishment project manager

Office Refurbishment Project ManagementBarnes Interiors always provide a project manager as part of our complete office refurbishment service. We believe that having a dedicated project manager is essential to a smooth running and successful office refurbishment. The project manager’s role is partly about logistics. It will be their job to make sure the right people are on site at the right time and with the right materials. However the project manager also has an important role beyond logistics. Three of the biggest reasons why we provide a project manager are:

1. Clear Communication

A big part of the project manager’s role is to make sure there is clear communication about what is happening with your office refurbishment project. This communication needs to go in a number of different directions. First of all the project manager will get a clear understanding of exactly what you want from your office refurbishment and the reasons for doing it. They will then make sure that this vision is clearly communicated to the people doing to work.

The project manager will also be communicating with you, the client, throughout the process. This will include regular updates on progress and liaison on decisions that need to be made. If your office refurbishment is being done while you are in occupation of the office the project manager will communicate with you on which areas of the office will be impacted to minimise disruption.


2. Knowing the rules

Part of the project manager’s job is to make sure that your office refurbishment project complies with all of the rules. If you are having your office refurbishment done while you are in occupation then making sure health and safety rules are followed will obviously be a major priority. Beyond health and safety the project manager will be keeping a close eye on building regulations and environmental standards to make sure that your new office is going to be safe and comfortable.


3. Making the standards

At Barnes Interiors we handle most aspects of office refurbishment projects ourselves, or use a group of trusted tradesmen. Even so there are likely to be a lot of different people working on your office refurbishment project including ceiling and partitioning specialists, electricians, plumbers and painters and decorators. As well as making sure all of these people are on site at the appropriate time, the project manager will be monitoring the standard of the work. The project manager will make sure everything is done to the correct standards and get it fixed if it isn’t right.


Ultimately the project manager is there to make sure that your office refurbishment is running smoothly so that you can focus on the rest of your business.


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