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Mezzanine Floor Construction

Create Space out of Thin Air

Mezzanine floors are an easy way to create new space in warehouses, industrial units and other commercial buildings. Modern mezzanine floor systems mean that the bulk of construction can be done off site, allowing us to quickly assemble your new floor and get it ready for use. We regularly install mezzanine floors as part of office refurbishment and warehouse refurbishment projects in Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

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Design, Supply and Installation

Mezzanine floors have a massive range of uses. They can be used to add extra space in car showrooms and retail units, to add more storage in warehouses, or to create dedicated office space in an industrial unit.

It is this last use where we most regularly get asked to install mezzanine floors. Many industrial units and warehouses come with very limited office space and a mezzanine floor is often the quickest and most effective way to increase it. By adding a mezzanine floor you can preserve storage and workshop space while creating a great looking office. At Barnes Interiors we can be hired just to do the mezzanine floor construction or to handle a full refurbishment and fit out project.

Where we work

Barnes Interiors are based in Essex and regularly work in London and across the South East. We have been providing a complete design and installation service for commercial refurbishments for over 20 years and we have been constructing mezzanine floors for much of that time. Our experienced team can work with you from the design phase right through to completion to ensure that your new mezzanine floor meets your needs.

Barnes Interiors work with businesses of all sizes. We regularly do mezzanine floor construction for small local companies in Essex but we also take on projects for major blue chip organisations including banks, universities and airlines.

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