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Office space planning – getting the most from your available space

Businesses can be found in all sorts of different office spaces – from large open-plan environments to work spaces that are much more compact and bijou.

If you are thinking about reorganising or refurbishing the interior of your office, then the first thing you need to think about is your space – how much you have available and the best ways to use it.

There is no such thing as one perfect office because the needs of every business are different, but there are some general rules to bear in mind when you are planning how to best utilise the space that you have – for the office that you need.

Planning your space

If you work with an expert office refit specialist when planning your office space, then you can be guaranteed to find a number of ways to enhance the square footage that you have available – so don’t be scared to think radically about the ideal space that you need for your business.

Many of us work in offices which were designed decades ago and which no longer reflect the way that we work today, so if you are going to make a change then it makes sense to do it properly, and ensure that your approach is future proofed for your expanding business.

Factoring-in employee needs

Happy workers make happy (and usually more productive) businesses so remember to put your colleagues’ needs at the heart of your office space planning.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) offers advice and guidance on the legal requirements for employee space, which are outlined in Regulation 10 of the Workplace, (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

The regulations say that individuals should have at least 11 cubic metres of space. However, this is a minimum requirement so you may wish to use this for guidance only.

Zoopla has an online calculator which you can use to calculate necessary office space requirements. This will provide guidance on how many workers can be comfortably fitted into any given space.

Incorporating the right amenities

As well as employee work stations, your space planning also needs to take account the requirements for other office facilities and amenities. So, you will need to consider your bathroom facilities, meeting rooms, staff rooms and kitchen and dining areas.

Start with a big wish list and then think about how everything can be worked into usable space alongside your individual work stations. Consider adding facilities which may not have been prioritised in the past such as relaxation and social areas for your employees.

Essential storage

Much as we would all like to be working in paper-free offices, where very little storage is required, the reality is that this remains a key consideration when you are planning your office space.

There is little point having a bright, shiny and modern office environment which is cluttered. With the right planning and design, cupboards and other storage areas can be added to your office space in a way which is subtle and unobtrusive. This will help you to keep all of your work-spaces efficient and clutter-free.

Do you need help with your office space planning?

Without doubt the best way to plan your office space efficiently and effectively is to work with a team of specialists.

Barnes Interiors are experts in all aspects of office planning and refurbishment and work on projects across Essex, into London and further afield.

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