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Do I need an office refurbishment?

If you responsible for running a successful business, you are likely to spend many hours in your office environment, but how often do you take the time to stand back and assess whether your office space is working well to support your commercial activities?

The truth is, that the appearance of your office space can have a direct impact on the success of your business.

If you are well established in a particular location, you may not wish to, or need to move premises but it is always worth considering whether you could benefit from an office refurbishment.

Business concerns

The reality is that if an office looks dated, scruffy or generally unloved, then this will be painfully obvious to visiting clients and other stakeholders which could have a negative impact on your business.

The working environment is also directly linked to the morale and motivation of employees who can be negatively affected by the space in which they are working.

Modern Office Fit Out

If you think that you could benefit from an office refurbishment – here are some initial questions to ask yourself:

Is my office space organised in the most efficient way?

For most businesses it is a positive if you start to outgrow your work space – this usually means that you are growing and thriving. As more employees join your organisation it may become necessary to jiggle around work spaces to fit more people in, but offices aren’t just about work stations. More people will have a knock-on effect on all facilities including bathrooms, meeting and break out rooms, recreational spaces and other amenities.

The prospect of a full office move is understandably daunting but often the upheaval isn’t necessary – a well-managed professional reorganisation and refurbishment of your office space can work wonders. You are likely to find that your employees will be happier and more efficient if their working environment is more welcoming, and improved facilities will promote enhanced working practices.

Do we have the right technical support and facilities?

Old fashioned offices often don’t have the right cabling and technical support to manage the needs of modern commerce. If this is a problem for your business or if other facilities such as heating, air conditioning or lighting could be improved, then an office refurbishment is probably a good idea.

How is our decor looking?

Offices tend to be busy places so general wear and tear is inevitable over time. It is also true that some office spaces look as if they are stuck a number of decades in the past! If your walls, ceilings, flooring and general look and feel are tired and scruffy then it is a good idea to consider a makeover.

Does my office space reflect my business?

It is a simple fact that if you are a successful and growing business – you want your office premises to reflect this. If your space is poorly organised and your decor and facilities are drab and unappealing – this does not promote a positive story to your customers. This is even more important if your competitors have better office environments than you do.

An attractive and modern environment portrays a positive message to your customers and competitors and helps to motivate and retain staff.

Vega Complete Office Furniture Setup

Why not rely on the experts for your office refurbishment?

Barnes Interiors are experts in all aspects of office refurbishment and work on projects across Essex, into London and further afield. With over 30 years experience working with Blue Chip clients we have carried out work on every scale; from a simple ceiling repair to entire office block refurbishments.

Take a look at our office refurbishment page for more information or call us on 01376 528627 for further information and advice.

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